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Injured Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews Sidelined Until At Least June

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed that he will not return to the job until at the very least June. Andrews is making “slow and steady progress” as he recovers from a broken vertebra and multiple fractured ribs.

In spite of his injuries, Andrews is now walking up to an hour a day. This was all after he suffered a harsh fall.

Andrews talked on social media to share the latest news on the recovery from his incident. “Thanks to the best of care, I’m making slow and steady progress. A couple of weeks ago when I started daily walks, I could only manage about 15 minutes – now I’m out for almost an hour,” the Facebook post read.

Andrews suffered at least five broken ribs and an acute compression fracture of the T7 vertebra when he slipped on the steps of his holiday house on March 9th.

“My physio is going well but it’s clear I won’t be able to return to work before the State Budget in May,” Andrews said. “The good news is my team of specialists is confident that I will be back in June.”

Although Andrews expressed dissatisfaction at being away from work, he knows that there is nothing that can be done. He later said that “You only get one chance to properly recover from serious injuries”.

Following his fall Andrews was rushed to intensive care. He was then later released from the hospital on March 15th, about a week after he fell.

In his absence, James Merlino has been the Acting Premier and has been running the government. James Merlino is widely seen by his colleagues as a hardworking, reliable minister for the Andrews government who is passionate about education. So far Merlino has been an excellent substitute while Andrews recovers.

Andrews has been expressing his heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been helping him during his recovery.

“I want to thank (Education minister) James Merlino and all the team who are working so hard and doing so well.” Stated Andrews. “And, of course, another big thank you to the health professionals who are looking after me. Above all, thanks to all those Victorians who have sent messages of love and support – it means a lot.”

Of course, the most important thing right now is for Andrews to recover and get back to work not only quickly but in good health. Luckily so many able minded people were able to substitute for and care for Andrews while he has been out due to his injuries.

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