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Contributing to Ultimate Online Australia

We accept contributions in the form of guest posts on our news blog, however we do require that the article is related to Australia or directed towards an Australian audience. We feature articles on many topics.

How To Submit A Guest Post

You can register an account directly on our website and log in to submit your article to Pending Review status. We will then review your article for relevancy, undertake a fact check and check spelling and before publishing.

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Payment for Guest Posts

You will need to pay $15 AUD or $10 USD for each guest post published. Payment is via PayPal.

Once you submit your article to Pending Review status, if your article is accepted for publication, you will receive an email with details on how to make payment. These details are also available at the top of the admin area when you log in.

Articles are usually published within 24- 72 hours after payment is made, however if we feel your article needs work this may take longer to publish.

Why we charge a fee for guest posts

We charge a small fee for guest posts to cover our time reviewing, editing, maintaining and growing the website.

Articles With Non Payment

We hold all articles for around 14 days on our site in Draft or Pending Review status, however, if payment is not received within this time, we will remove the pending article. To ensure your article is published, we suggest you make payment when you submit your article for review. If for any reason your article is not accepted, you will receive a full refund.

Dofollow status

Articles contributed by guests will be given Dofollow status for 12 months. After this time they will remain on the site but be relegated to Nofollow. We don’t allow permanent Dofollow links for articles on a permanent basis, but will retain all links in Nofollow on a permanent basis.

How long will my approved post remain on the website?

We aim to keep your articles online permanently, however, we do reserve the right to remove any articles from our site without notice. We reserve this right primarily due to articles that may in future become considered to be low-quality content to our website. This is rarely an occurrence hence it’s correct to consider the majority of articles will remain on our website on a permanent basis.

In the unlikely event the website ever changes ownership, we can’t make any assurances as to the permanent status of your articles, or the continuation of any policy under any new owner(s).

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